Discover Your Aha Moments and Leap with Confidence, Clarity and Choices into the new Younique You.


The Ultimate Shazam!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, uncertain of what the future holds, subconscious beliefs taking over.  Perhaps you're an overachiever pressured to push yourself to the brink, and yet you are a leader and need to stay on top. Lets catch you before then!

Do you need some strategies to help you create that leadership style with clarity, calmness and a consciousness to rise above the chaos.

 Why not immerse yourself in 12 months of honing your skills, removing sub-conscious blocks so you can feel empowered, intuitive, with vitality and in control again.



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The Content

Each month we will explore, navigate, dig deep into each topic to give you a chance to explode the old myths and get excited to implement the changes into your life before moving on to the next topic, giving you clarity and confidence in the foundations that develop your Ultimate SHAZAM.

Topics include

Self & Soul - Discover the Sizzle that makes you tick - Self Leadership to Soul leadership

Happy Cells = Happy Soul - Unlock the 7 keys, the foundations of health and vitality

Authentispeak - Why don't they listen?  Discover gems about communication and developing your intuition

Attitude & Beliefs - Explore how we develop our attitudes and beliefs and how we can lift others from crippling beliefs.

Zing through life - Tap into your energy body and feel the buzz of Shazam. Discover your true I - Soul, Spirit and I.

Zest for Action - Uncover your treasure, and design your treasure map.

Ascend - Reveal the challenges of change and rise above them

Magic - The Magic of Belonging, the Magic of the Matrix, and I-Magic - leading from the true spirit - the I.

At each step we will Explore the topic, Explode the myths, Execute your objectives and get Excited about taking the next step

Remember it is the little Aha's that make the difference.

So lets start gaining Clarity, Confidence and discover what amazing Choices await.

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How Do We Do It?


Expanding horizons by exploring all the topics to uncover the gems. including my book Shazam.  Content based videos,  a workbook/journal, meditations, a community of practice to share and network and more to help you dig deep and EXPLORE.  Discover the 6 steps From Stuck to Shazam


Exploding any myths and barriers and taking you on a journey of discovery.  Regular group discussions to discover your Aha moments, group facebook and messenger community to share ideas and monthly 1:1 mentoring to EXPLODE old beliefs and navigate any road bumps that may be preventing you from achieving your conscious potential


Catch the dreams and discover what makes you sizzle with excitement to connect with the new Younique conscious leader you already are.  Connect with other like minded leaders and grow together through the 6 steps From Stuck to Shazam

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  • 6 weeks S2S included
  • Incredible monthly content 
  • amazing community of practice to share ideas
  • 12 months access to 1 on 1 coaching/mentoring

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12 payments $380

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  • 6 weeks S2S included
  • Incredible monthly content 
  • amazing community of practice to share ideas
  • 12 months access to 1 on 1 coaching/mentoring

Its the little Ahas that make the difference. Lets find yours?

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